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GSD Distribution Dryer Master DM510

The Dryer Master DM510 is the premier control system using long time industry proven, Generic Model based Control strategy (GMC). Stainless steel constructed moisture sensors provide a long service life and are easy to calibrate against a bench top tester.

Moisture control is achieved by optimizing the products residence time. The system tracks inlet moisture, drying temperature, outlet moisture, and discharge rate to determine the optimum dryer speed to bring as much product close to target as possible.

The system will interface with the most modern Variable Frequency Drives directly and usually only requires a small isolation interface to operate non-isolated SCR type DC drive controllers.

The system provides printed records of operation as well as stores data to a memory module for retrieval to a computer using the terminal communication port.The DM510 Dryer Master is ideal for drying grains like corn, soya beans, and wheat. There is a specifically configured DM510 solution for rice drying where product temperature is the key variable. There is also a DM510 Dryer Master solution specifically configured for front end conditioning of soya beans, sunflower seeds, and canola (rapeseed). Up to eight product setups and sensor calibrations supported.

A new feature enables the DM510 to communicate with a Windows PC running a special Dryer Master client application either within your facilities network or over the internet. This permits true monitoring and remote control of the Dryer Master. Most settings available on the Dryer Master panel are available remotely.
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