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Grain Handler Side Fan Dryer - Model 1211

The Grain Handler Side Fan Dryer Dries grain 35% more efficient because of its continuous mix-flow design (The grain steam is cascaded, gently tumbled, and continuously mixed as it flows around a "Honeycombed" Arrangement of Ducts). Lower cost and higher retention time, G90 galvanized construction, gravitational separation of grain, state of the art fuel-efficient Maxon Burner (Designed to operate under low gas pressure), quite low speed centrifugal fans (40-50 CMF per bushel compared TP 80-100 CMP per bushel on conventional dryers), larger holding capacity to allow grain to be heated over a longer period of time to reduce stress cracking, food grade quality drying, an "Enclosed Top" which eliminates moisture problems associated with rain and snow exposure, 1/2 duct on side columns assuring all grains to be mixed though out the drying process, and multiple option for controller automation.
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8' 2" wide X 12' long X 11-2' tiers tall
879 BPH @ 5pt. removal - Dry & Cool
571 BPH @ 10pt. removal - Dry & Cool
857 BPH @ 8pt. removal - Full Heat
45,360 total CFM
30 HP (Total Fan HP)
1,134 BU Total Holding Capacity
17,115 lbs. Empty
85,155 lbs. Full

*Drying capacity will carry depending on outside temperature, humidity, type of grain, foreign matter, test weight, etc.

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